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Fully Integrated Point-of-sale System

The Simple, Secure, and Scalable
Way to Run Your Business

Maximize your business potential with our comprehensive suite of cutting-edge POS systems and payment solutions tailored to meet the demands of modern business. Streamline transactions, manage inventory effortlessly, and gain actionable insights.
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Your POS Bussiness 

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Payment Processing 
For the Modern 

Transform your sales with our cutting-edge POS hardware and seamless payment processing. From bustling cafes to boutique retail stores, our solutions integrate seamlessly for swift, secure transactions. Experience reliability that matches your company's pace.

Reliable Terminals

Choose from a variety of high-performance POS terminals that promise endurance and ease of use.

Payment Processing

Our POS hardware comes with integrated payment processing capabilities, enabling to all your customers with ease.

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Enhance Your POS Experience with Custom Insights

Harness our reporting tools for superior sales data analysis. Customized reports provide actionable insights, empowering strategic decision-making. Track customer behavior, monitor inventory trends, and forecast sales with precision.
Maximize insights with our POS systems' detailed analytics, boosting accuracy by up to 25%. Make smarter business decisions based on sales trends, customer preferences, and inventory needs.
Harness our custom reports to pinpoint sales growth opportunities, leveraging data that reveals up to a 15% revenue increase through targeted strategies and optimized inventory management.

Empowering Business Key Feature

Unlock the full potential of your data with tools that bring clarity to your business decisions, streamline your transactions for maximum customer satisfaction, and manage your operations with precision.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Utilize analytics to shape your strategy. Visualize sales trends, identify popular items, and optimize inventory for growth.

Payment Processing

Speed up sales with our reliable payment processing. Ensure smooth transactions for happy customers, from start to finish.

Customer Loyalty

Encourage loyalty with personalized promotions and rewards for repeat buyers, maximizing customer value.

Inventory Control

Stay ahead with real-time inventory tracking. Get alerts before stock runs low. Keep best sellers in stock, explore new opportunities.

Staff Management

Empower your team with user-friendly tools and customized access levels for effective role performance without compromising data security.

The customer service and knowledge of the staff at Rectangle Payments helps to reduce the stress as a business owner. My business is not run at traditional times or traditional days, they accommodate

Melinda S
Business Owner
Matt at Rectangle Payments has been outstanding. His friendliness and professionalism make business an ease. Great communication alone is hard to find these days, but Matt gives us the whole package!
David S
Restaurant Owner
Efficient service! Good honest people and company, the customer service was great, the process was easy! Matt my representative went beyond his way to help my company! I 100% recommend!
Gabriella C
Cafe Owner

Tailored POS Solutions for 
Your Unique Store

Multi Store
Single Store

Streamlined POS Systems

Optimize multi-store operations with our advanced POS solutions, ensuring seamless customer experiences across all locations.

Unified Payment Processing

Our system ensures fast, secure transactions, boosting customer loyalty.

Employee Management

Centralized employee management and metrics

Cross- Store 

Real-time inventory sync across multiple locations
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Advanced POS Features

Transform your single-store retail experience with our specialized POS system. Streamline sales, manage inventory, and engage customers effortlessly.

Efficient Payment Processing

Ensure quick and secure checkout experiences for your customers with our efficient payment processing system.

Inventory Management Made Easy

Ensure your shelves are always stocked with customer favorites.

Personalized Customer Service

Create memorable shopping experiences with loyalty programs, targeted promotions and more.

Simplified Employee Operations

Easy to learn and use, our system ensures your staff can focus on customer service, not complicated software.
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Specialized POS Systems

Upgrade your restaurant's efficiency with our bespoke POS system, tailored to the fast-paced environment of the food service industry.

Effortless Payment Processing

Simplify your transactions with our effortless payment processing.

Dynamic Table Management

Our dynamic table management feature allows you to oversee your dining space with real-time updates.

Inventory Tracking for Kitchens

Keep your kitchen running at full speed with our robust inventory tracking system.

Employee Scheduling and Tips Management

Easy to learn and use, our system ensures your staff can focus on customer service, not complicated software.
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Smart POS Integration

Optimize your appointment-based business with our state-of-the-art POS system.

Streamline Appointment Transactions

Process payments swiftly and accurately with our streamlined transaction system.

Intuitive Scheduling and Booking

Our intuitive scheduling interface allows for easy appointment setting and modifications.

Client Management Tools

Enhance your client relationships with our integrated management tools.

Efficient Staff Allocation

Maximize your resources with our efficient staff allocation features
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