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Dejavoo Smart Terminals

Ask about our P Line Omni-commerce Platform Upgrade Program (POPUP)

We offer existing merchants the opportunity to replace a Dejavoo terminal (Linux or QD) with an Android P terminal (powered by the iPOSpays Gateway) at heavily discounted prices.

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P1 Desktop Android

Same Form Factor as the P3 Model POS Features

  • WiFi, ethernet, USB port
  • Large touch screen (5.5” IPS display)
  • Physical keyboard
  • Printer with 50’ paper roll
  • Removable lithium polymer battery

Gateway Features

  • Omnichannel payment
  • Dual pricing
  • Auto batch out
  • e-Receipt
  • Merchant loyalty
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P3 Handheld Wireless Android

Bluetooth, WiFi & 4G

  • 5″ HD display
  • EMV Contactless or chip & PIN/chip & sign
  • Replaceable battery
  • Printer
  • Keyboard
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P5 Handheld/PIN Pad Wireless Android

Bluetooth, WiFi & 4G

  • 5″ HD display
  • EMV Contactless, chip & PIN/chip & sign or swipe
  • Lightweight, easy to operate single-handed
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Secure Software Platform

  • All models operate on a secure Android platform, ensuring reliability and security for transaction processing.

Security Features

  • Each model is designed with comprehensive security features, including secure chip technology, PCI PTS certification, and support for chip card and contactless payment methods, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and transactions.
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