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Hello to all you Sarasota business owners out there!

This is a terrific area to set up shop, provided you know your market niche, and possess all the tools for traditional transactions and/or eCommerce. Fortunately, we’ll help you master either of those important skills.

Helping Sarasota Businesses with Premium Point-of-Sale

Sarasota has a ton of beach and outdoor-related things to do, making it one of the most lucrative places to run almost any retail operation. These are just a few of the popular small business opportunities around the area.
  • Restaurants
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Surf Shops
  • Hospitality Businesses
  • Spas
  • Coffee Shops
  • Ice Cream Parlors
  • Tanning Salons
  • . . . and many others!
However, if you run something like any of those, you need reliable POS technology. Where would you find the right equipment to process transactions seamlessly?
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Our Proven Products & Solutions for Sarasota Companies

Rectangle Payments offers hardware and program solutions that go light years beyond the old-fashioned cash registers or basic credit card readers. Our innovative technology comes fully customized to suit your specific business needs. Here are three examples of how we do that.

  1. Market-Based POS Systems - Let’s say you run a new retail store and need everything from scratch. We can connect you to the most appropriate POS hardware, which takes care of everything from cash drawers and scanners to label printers and PT terminals.
  2. Traditional Processing - Perhaps you’re already in business and prefer the more traditional payment processing methods. That’s perfect! We can accommodate you with an array of options, which can be as simple and streamlined as you desire. Plus, you won’t miss out on helpful and user-friendly resources, such as up-to-the-minute transaction receipts
  3. Better Customer Discount Systems - Back in the old days, it was MUCH more difficult to process customer discounts. This was before the days of “smart” technology, which forced business owners to do everything manually. Now, however, you can accomplish this way faster and minimize potential mistakes by implementing our convenient cash discount hardware. This allows you and your team to dedicate more energy to serving customers rather than applying discounts by hand.

Contact Rectangle Payment Anytime to Learn More

Let us help you finally resolve troublesome transaction glitches once and for all. We hope this preview of our products and services gives you the gist of what we can do to transform your commercial transaction resources. Rectangle Payments assists Sarasota businesses in transcending all the typical irritations and bottlenecks of payment processing. If you're ready to learn more, then don’t hesitate to reach us soon at 941-344-1244.
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RECTANGLE PAYMENTS, LLC is an Independent Sales Office of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, CA and Westamerica Bank, Santa Rosa, CA.
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