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talech POS offers restaurant owners a comprehensive solution to enhance growth and operational efficiency, allowing for easy table management, contactless dining implementation, customizable menus, employee role controls, commission-free online ordering, and real-time reporting for seamless business management.

Full Service POS

talech POS For Full Service Restaurants

Streamlined Order Management

  • Assign courses and dispatch tickets effortlessly to multiple printers with minimal effort. Keep track of changes using voids and effortlessly apply taxes and service charges based on preset rules.

Dynamic Menu Management

  • Customize your menu with variations, add-ons, and exclusions in real time. Instantly update your menu across all stations simultaneously. Implement automatic discounts to activate on specific days and times for enhanced flexibility.

Efficient Employee Management

  • Set tailored employee permissions, effortlessly track and manage hours, and access comprehensive timesheets. Monitor employee performance to identify areas for improvement and ensure optimal operations.
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Quick Service POS

talech POS for Quick Service Restaurants

Efficient Order Management

  • Enhance accuracy by printing item labels, automate order ticket dispatch upon payment, and streamline transactions with digital signatures and tipping flows to eliminate the need for paper receipts.

Dynamic Menu Management

  • Boost efficiency with bundles, variations, and default modifiers for seamless ordering. Instantly update menus across all stations, and simplify promotions with BOGO discounts for enhanced customer engagement.

Comprehensive Employee Management

  • Tailor employee permissions, monitor hours, and access timesheets for performance evaluation. Gain insights into employee effectiveness and areas for improvement to optimize operations.
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Choosing talech means you choose


  • Selecting talech means opting for a versatile solution adaptable to various business needs and industries.


  • Choosing talech translates to prioritizing efficiency through streamlined operations and advanced features.


  • Opting for talech signifies embracing innovation, with access to cutting-edge technology and continuous updates to stay ahead in the market.
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